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Quality furniture is an investment that can be handed down for generations and still look as good as when it was first made. Don’t buy second-rate furniture that will need to be replaced in a few years. For more than 10 years, Bare Wood Furniture Center has been providing Acadiana with excellent solid wood furniture that will last for years.

We Can Give You The Best

Bare Wood Furniture Center in Carencro, LA, believes in quality pieces that, when properly cared for, can be passed down. We carry a variety of solid wood items including:

Bedroom furniture | Hutches | Bars | Rockers | Beds | Dressers | Entertainment centers | Dining tables | TV cabinets | Gun Cabinets | Arbors

Life can get messy and you need furniture that will stand up to anything. Bare Wood Furniture Center ensures all of the furniture in our Carencro, LA, store is of the highest quality and will satisfy you for years to come.

Know The Benefits

There are many reasons why solid wood is the best furniture material around. If you can’t tell the difference between real wood furniture and composite furniture, take a peek at the screws. Screw retention is a common characteristic of solid wood pieces and no other material will hold a screw like solid wood. There are many other reasons including:

Durability: Solid wood is naturally strong and resilient and will last for years if cared for properly. Wood furniture also requires little maintenance and can stand up to constant misuse.

Recyclability: Solid wood is easy to recycle because it’s treated with a low VOC finish. Recycled wood can also be reclaimed and used in a variety of other applications.

Value: While you might pay more up front for solid wood pieces, the benefits will last for years. The natural grain of the wood guarantees each piece is different, making wood more valuable than any other material used in furniture production.

For quality furniture that will look beautiful in any space, come to Bare Wood Furniture Center in Carencro, LA, or call us at 337-896-5203. We build to fit your dreams.

We Proudly Carry Whittier Wood Furniture

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