Benefits of Cypress Wood

Cypress Wood makes an ideal wood for furniture because it is naturally decay and bug resistant, extremely durable and is incredibly easy to paint. Cypress wood is an easily accessible, affordable and high quality wood that will elevate the luxury of your home and let you add flair and style to your home.

Resistant to Rot

Cypress’ produces its own oils that are naturally resistant to rot, fungus and decay. It blocks rot of all kinds.

Energy Efficient

The slow growing, tight-ringed Cypress tree is denser than normal other woods. This makes it resist shrinkage and make it much more energy efficient.

Easy to Maintain

Cypress is easy to work with; is excellent at absorbing stains and resistant to warping.

Repels Bugs

Termites and any other pesky bugs are repelled by Cypress’ trees natural oils. Your Cypress’ furniture will act as a natural deterrent to bugs.

Low Cost

When one is comparing woods, Cypress is a low cost, high endurance wood. You will spend less money on your maintaining your furniture when you choose to go with Cypress.